Fostering Independence for Millions

myUDAAN is a single Epicentre App for PwD and the elderly. The innovative technology enables you to book assistants on demand, check accessibility, and purchase state-of-the-art mobility products. Basically, you can now rest or travel with comfort and convenience at the click of a button.

With myUDAAN, you avail a comprehensive and vetted care program that provides on-demand assistants for in-premise and outdoor mobility. Your myUDAAN mobile application has unique industry-first accessibility and mobility assistance service. You also get access to a host of different products and services that increases your quality of life. Currently, we are the pioneer of wheelchair assistant service.

Our innovation is solving interrelated problem like mobility, assistance, and accessibility. We have used technology in the form of the myUDAAN mobile application and e-commerce website. In terms of technology, we call it uberisation to help PwD and the elderly community. Since its inception in May 2019 by Ravindra Singh and Anil Pereira, myUDAAN has won several accolades, awards, and recognitions for its mission and passion to create a mobility ecosystem for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Wheelchair Assistant

Customers can book a mobility assistant through simple steps like Uber. People can now freely move in malls, cinema halls, large open spaces with dignity and freedom. They can also independently travel outstation.

Doctor Visit

Customers can now check Locations accessibility before travel. Our mobile application has a feature to classify whether locations are accessible or inaccessible for PwD. Anyone can add a place.


Customers can gather information or purchase unique mobility products on our platform platform also serves the dual purpose of connecting assistive mobility innovators to beneficiaries.

The Duo Behind myUDAAN


Ravindra Singh


“My disability limited me from venturing out.”

Ravindra Singh was diagnosed with Polio when he was 8 months old and since then, he lost his ability to walk freely. However, that did not restrict him from moving forward in life.

He has an experience of over fifteen years in various managerial roles and has ventured with entrepreneurship before.

He founded myUDAAN out of a personal need and is on a mission to create an easier life for people with limited mobility. In addition to work, Ravindra is also preparing for Wheelchair Tennis for the Paralympics.


Anil Pereira


Anil Pereira is an IIT Bombay Alumni, a very prestigious institute in India. He carries more than 25 years of experience of leading large multinational organizations in India & Asia Pacific countries.

He has worn multiple hats and supported founders to create successful start-ups; his experience has provided immense value in the initial phases of business conceptualization & later in business growth.

He has led three such start-ups from the ideation stage to acquisition. Anil is dedicated to the growth of myUDAAN and is confident of building yet another successful story, this time for a large social impact.