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Mobility is the single largest problem faced by Persons with disabilities (PwD) and the Elderly; the problem is interrelated with accessibility and assistance. myUDAAN is solving the problem that everyone faces at some point in time.

The WHO has estimated that 15.3% of the world's population lives with some form of disability; it has been estimated that more than 2 billion people will need at least one assistive product by 2030, with many older people needing two or more devices.

Massive "Underserved & Overlooked" Opportunity In India. Why Mobility Ecosystem? Why Now?

Assistive Mobility is a USD 10B market. By 2050 the elderly and PwD population in India will increase to 320 million.


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The problem is prevalent in PwD, among the geriatric (>60 Years) age group, people with restricted movement (met with accident, temporary disability), post-operative, bedridden and expecting mothers.

eldery population

In India alone, more than 110+ million people with limited mobility & the elderly population are expected to grow to 320 million by 2050.


The elder population growth rate is expected to be 326%. We will see an increase from 8% to 19% in the growth of the elderly population.

growth rate

Fifteen million elders are living independently, 27million elders need specialized care. Dependence on family or others takes away their dignity.

mobility face

Persons with limited mobility faces this problem throughout their life. This hampers their ability to contribute to society and GDP productively.


Limited mobility assistance and lack of organized companies providing mobility services to PwD & the Elderly restrict their movement.


Social attitudes and stigma force families to create a closed environment restricting mobility at a national, societal, and community level.

Most people rely on immediate family members for help. It is increasingly difficult for family members to accompany regularly given their daily engagements.

  • PwD have to rely on agencies who shun all responsibility
  • A lot of people rely on services by Locals, where reliability is concern
  • Bookings have to be done in advance without any service assurance
  • Some organized options are available, but affordability is a challenge
  • Many online service providers do not conduct background checks, thereby increasing vulnerability during service

“As individuals we want to do Good. As a business, myUDAAN values are dignity and freedom. These values are important to us and we want to reflect that to our society”