Freedom + Independence = Inclusion

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170 million Indians face challenges related to mobility

Mobility is the single largest problem faced by Persons with disabilities (PwD), and the problem is interrelated with accessibility and assistance. myUDAAN is solving the problem that everyone faces at some point in time.

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8 out of 10 people do not venture out of their homes

Mobility difficulties are not only a problem for PwD, but mobility problems also restrict any individual who faces limited mobility due to various factors such as older age, low physical activity, and more.

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Accessible transport & assistance is nearly non-existent

Mobility challenges restrict them from venturing out independently, excluding them from mainstream society and creating limitations in independence. Disability is now understood to be a human rights issue.

15.3% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability

Today India accounts for 40-80 million Persons with disabilities, i.e., one in twelve households has a family member with some form of disability. Most of them are excluded due to the inaccessible ecosystem.

On-Demand Mobility Assistance for PwD & Elderly

Customers can book a mobility assistant through simple steps like Uber. People can now freely move in malls, cinema halls, large open spaces with dignity and freedom. They can also independently travel outstation.

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Accessibility for PwD & Elderly

Customers can now check Locations accessibility before travel. Our mobile application has a feature to classify whether locations are accessible or inaccessible for PwD. Anyone can add a place. All updates are verified.

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Mobility for PwD & Elderly

Customers can gather information or purchase unique mobility products on our platform platform also serves the dual purpose of connecting assistive mobility innovators to beneficiaries.

Single epicenter for all your needs

myUDAAN is a single epicenter app that connects users to mobility products and services. We offer a comprehensive and vetted care program that provides on-demand assistants for in-premise and outdoor mobility.

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Book your on-demand mobility assistant now

Experienced and well-trained staff. Assurance of safety thru KYC verification of service Staff.

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